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The Bayview Hunters Point Redevelopment Plan (“BVHP Plan”) provides the implementation tools to carry out many of the goals of the Bayview Hunters Point Community Revitalization Concept Plan (“Concept Plan”). The policies and programs of the BVHP Plan incorporate community goals and objectives expressed in the Concept Plan, which the BVHP Project Area Committee (“PAC”), working with the Agency, adopted in 2000 following hundreds of community planning meetings, beginning soon after the PAC’s election in 1997. The redevelopment programs of the BVHP Plan are focused on three key areas: economic development, affordable housing, and community enhancements, described below. The Agency will continue to work through the PAC and other community processes throughout the implementation of revitalization activities in the BVHP Redevelopment Project Area (“Project Area”). The BVHP Plan also includes numerous safeguards to insure community involvement and oversight throughout the implementation of the BVHP Plan.


The affordable housing program incorporates the community policies described in the Concept Plan and a subsequent PAC document, the Framework Housing Program, with the goal of balancing private development in the area with appropriate affordable housing production and renovation programs by:

  • Setting a 25% affordable housing production goal which exceeds the 15% required by state redevelopment law; Commitment of 50% of the Agency’s tax increment funds allocated for the Project Area to funding affordable (very low-, low- and moderate-income) housing programs;
  • Providing preferences for people in project-based Section 8 subsidized housing and persons with excessive rent burdens; Setting deeper affordable housing limits, including maximum household income levels of 50% of Area Median Income (“AMI”) for rental, and an average of 80% AMI for ownership units. 
  • Expanding the Model Block single-family home rehabilitation program that matches public infrastructure improvements on neighborhood streets and provides financial assistance to low income households for home renovations; and
  • Incorporating higher inclusionary housing requirements for private development, requiring that at least 15% of new residential units built by market rate projects be affordable to households at the levels described above.

Economic Development

The economic development program will promote job development and economic vitality in the Project Area by:

  • Promoting infill development at catalyst sites and improvements of public infrastructure within activity nodes to attract greater private investment and job growth;
  • Developing programs establishing a 50% goal for new jobs to be provided for San Francisco residents with first consideration for new hires given to BVHP residents for both construction and permanent workforce;
  • Assisting the Mayor’s Office of Community Development towards the revitalization of the Third Street corridor and other key arterials in the community through façade renovation loans and assistance, business improvement loans, and the development of cultural facilities;
  • Providing assistance toward the evaluation and clean up of industrial brownfield sites to promote the creation of new commercial/light industrial enterprises;
  • Conducting an evaluation of historic resources in the Project Area and providing assistance toward the preservation and reuse of historic structures,
  • Continuing and expanding support for community-based small business assistance programs;
  • Continuing and expanding support for community-based job training and placements programs; and Assisting with marketing and promotional activities for local business groups.

Community Enhancements

The Agency’s community enhancements program will improve public resources and infrastructure to improve the quality of life within the community by:

  • Investing in improvements to transportation infrastructure as needed, to street segments for vehicles, bikes, pedestrians, and transit and upgrades of key intersections;
  • Implementing streetscape plans for Third Street, Innes Avenue, Oakdale Avenue or other major roadways in the Project Area, including landscaping improvements and traffic calming measures;
  • Implementing a Green Streets Program in coordination with the Mayor’s City Greening Program to provide for the landscaping and lighting of local streets and connections between neighborhoods and open spaces;
  • Working with the City to develop “way finding” programs such as local signage and gateway elements;
  • Assisting the City in developing public parks and recreational facilities including assistance with the Bay Trail and Blue Greenway projects to improve access to the bay waterfront;
  • Facilitating the planning and development of community facilities for seniors including health care facilities and services in conjunction with supportive housing; and
  • Ensuring the preservation of historic structures in accordance with the Agency’s Historic Preservation Policy.

 Public Oversight

The BVHP Plan contains numerous safeguards to ensure that the community has continuous opportunities to provide input into the implementation process and the policy decisions to carry out the BVHP Plan consistent with the community’s revitalization goals.


  • Prohibiting the use of on eminent domain for all property zoned for residential use (RH-1, RH-2, and RM-1) and all property containing residential units.
  • Establishing tight restrictions on eminent domain consideration, including the requirement that the Agency consult with the PAC first in public meetings before initiating eminent domain proceedings;
  • Committing to maintaining the PAC or its successor for the duration of the BVHP Plan, and requesting that the Board of Supervisors authorize annual extensions the PAC;
  • Using the San Francisco Planning Code, which may only be amended by the Board of Supervisors , as the development controls regulating all new construction and land uses;
  • Delegating all private development to the Planning Commission with a process for PAC notification and review of development permits and significant land use decisions;
  • Funding regular performance audits of the Agency and other city departments regarding the implementation of the plan in furtherance of its goals and objectives; and
  • Establishing a procedure whereby Agency land use decisions are appealable to the Board of Supervisors or the Board of Permit Appeals.

Redevelopment Plan and Related Documents

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Community Involvement and Community Meetings

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Publications and Reports

Bayview Hunters Point Redevelopment Project Report to The Board (PDF)

Executive Summary (PDF)

Appendices (PDF)


Bayview Hunters Point Community Revitalization Concept Plan March 2002