Federal Office Building

Completed Federal Office Building Project

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Date Survey Area Established:April 13, 1993

Date Project Established:October 14, 1997

In 1988, the City and the federal government agreed in principal that the Federal General Services Administration (GSA) would construct a new federal office building in San Francisco, to consolidate agencies that currently occupy leased quarters. The new office building will accommodate up to 2,700 employees in the proposed 675,000 square feet facility. The GSA budget for construction and development of the new building is $120 million. To facilitate this major undertaking, the City agreed to donate a building site at no cost to the federal government.

The City and GSA identified a site at Seventh and Mission, formerly occupied by the Greyhound Bus Terminal for the project. The Redevelopment and Planning Commissions certified an EIR for the project on May 8, 1997. On October 14, 1997, the Board of Supervisors adopted ordinances approving the Federal Office Building Redevelopment Plan, and amending the Golden Gateway and South of Market Redevelopment Plans to create a three-way fiscal merger to fund the acquisition of the site for conveyance to the federal government.