India Basin Industrial Park

India Basin Industrial Park


Adopted by the Board of Supervisors on January 20, 1969, the India Basin Industrial Park Redevelopment Plan formally expired on January 20, 2009. Among the principal objectives of the Redevelopment Plan was the establishment of labor-intensive industries in the area in order to provide job opportunities for the residents of the Bayview Hunters Point community. The Redevelopment Project Area is now a thriving industrial park consisting of a major distribution facility for the U.S. Postal Service, a number of light industrial, commercial service and multimedia businesses, and some retail businesses located at Bayview Plaza at the southeast corner of Third Street and Evans Avenue. Residential uses are not allowed within this industrial area.

The land use regulations established by the Redevelopment Plan no longer apply to Project Area properties which are now governed by the Planning Code as administered by the Planning Department. The Agency will continue to enforce existing contracts and covenants, including nondiscrimination and non-segregation provisions, which shall continue in perpetuity. Any declaration of restrictions formulated pursuant to the Redevelopment Plan may contain provisions for the extension of such declaration of restrictions for successive periods. The Agency does not own any real estate in the Project Area.

Similar to the establishment of a homeowners association, there exists an India Basin Maintenance Association that is charged with the maintenance of specific limited landscaping elements, including the signature tall row of trees along the Third Street frontage of the Project Area. All related fees and obligations associated the Maintenance Association are independent of the Agency and the Redevelopment Plan and will continue into the future irrespective of the Project Area’s expiration.

The Agency and the Port of San Francisco initiated and completed the development of the Cargo Way Conceptual Streetscape Plan, an installation of a segment of the San Francisco Bay Trail with enhanced pedestrian and bike friendly improvements, including a bike lane along the southern portion of the roadway. As the owner of Cargo Way, the Project will be implemented by the Port of San Francisco with Agency staff prepared to provide as needed support and coordination.

Effective January 21, 2005, the India Basin Redevelopment Plan was amended pursuant to pursuant to SB 2113 of the CRL to extend the time limits for the Agency’s receipt of tax increment for the establishment of indebtedness and repayment of indebtedness for the exclusive purpose of financing the Agency’s citywide low-and-moderate income housing activities. No portion of indebtedness entered into pursuant to SB 2113 can be used to fund non-housing activities.


1. Coordinate the closeout of the Project Area on January 1, 2009 and transfer of land use authority to the Planning Department. COMPLETED.

2. Facilitate development of privately owned vacant lots and buildings in the Project Area. COMPLETED.

3. Work with the Port of San Francisco on Cargo Way Streetscape Planning effort and identification of potential capital funding sources. COMPLETED.

4. Complete re-assessment and implementation of long-term landscape maintenance in the Redevelopment Project Area. COMPLETED.

FISCAL YEAR 2009-2010 - Continuing Agency Obligations

Non-housing activities described below will be funded with funds from prior year appropriations and not financed with moneys obtained pursuant to SB 2113 as described in the narrative above.

1. Coordinate as needed with the Port of San Francisco in the implementation of the Cargo Way Streetscape Plan.

2. Coordinate as needed with the Planning Department regarding ongoing contracts and covenants, declarations of restrictions, etc.

Cargo Way Conceptual Streetscape Design

In March of 2006, the Agency was awarded a grant to develop a plan for possible improvements along Cargo Way that will create safe routes for pedestrians and bicyclists while increasing green space. The grant is part of the Association of Bay Area Government’s (“ABAG”) Bay Trail Project. The Bay Trail Project designates Cargo Way as the access route to the Bay in this area, connecting Third Street’s light rail to Heron’s Head Park and other adjacent open spaces that are accessible to the Bay.

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