Investor Relations


OCII administers a debt portfolio that includes over 20 taxable and tax-exempt tax allocation bonds. Bond proceeds are used to fund infrastructure and affordable housing. The portfolio also includes a small number of non-tax allocation bonds including variable rate demand refunding bonds, lease revenue bonds, and hotel occupancy tax bonds.

The only information on this web site that is posted with the intention of reaching the investing public, including bondholders, rating analysts, investment advisors, or any other members of the investment community, is located on the investor information web pages.  Other than the specific information presented in the investor relations Iweb pages, no other information on OCII’s website is intended to be the basis of or should be relied upon in making an investment decision.  Because each security issued by OCII may involve different sources of payment and security, you should refer for additional information to the official statement and continuing disclosure filings for the particular security.  The information posted in the investor information web pages speaks only as of its date.