Hunters Point Shipyard Phase 1 - Open Space

HPS1 Central and Pocket Parks
HPS1 Central and Pocket Parks

Hunters Point Shipyard Phase 1 provides 26 acres of parks and open space. The open spaces and streetscapes on HPS Phase 1 have been completed or are being constructed pursuant to the Open Space and Streetscape Master Plan approved in 2007.

HPS Phase 1 Parks Description:

  • Hillpoint Park is poised on the eastern bluff, overlooking the piers, Dry Dock 4, gantry crane and Bay beyond.

  • Innes Court is a public plaza with a mix of paved areas, grass, and garden areas, including public art, and offer a range of activities in an intimate, flexible layout.

  • The connection between Hillpoint Park and Innes Court offers a progression of active and passive spaces and a plaza at the core of the neighborhood. The Hilltop open space provides additional pathways on the east side of the bluff to ensure universal accessibility from Galvez Avenue, and while minimizing impact on preserved trees.

  • Pocket parks are additional spaces for public recreation in Hilltop and Hillside. The pocket parks will provide small, high-quality spaces for neighborhood gathering, and vistas. The parks will exhibit a variety of programming and character to add diversity to the entire open space system. 

  • Located above the native vegetation on the edge of the hill, several overlooks will offer additional sweeping panoramas.

HPS1 Open Space Network Plan
HPS1 Open Space Network Plan

The Hilltop Pocket Parks, below, are complete. Construction of the Hillside parks has not commenced.

Click here for the Hunters Point Shipyard Public Artworks.

The Store House Plaza
Nautical Swing
Coleman Bluff Path
Innes Court Park
Hilltop Park Children's Tiles Picnic Tables
Pocket Park 09
Pocket Park 10
Pocket Park 14
Pocket Park 16