Executive Summary

Summary of Report

The Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (“OCII”) is the driving force in creating three vibrant and inclusive neighborhoods in San Francisco. Beginning under the leadership of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Commission and now under the Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure, 21,846 new housing units are being created in its major development project areas as summarized below. 
•    Hunters Point Shipyard Phase I
•    Hunters Point Shipyard Phase II/Candlestick Point 
•    Mission Bay North
•    Mission Bay South
•    Transbay  

As of the end of Fiscal Year 2020-2021 (“FY20-21”), 9,098 units (2,613 affordable units and 6,485 market rate units) have been completed in these project areas.

Of the 21,846 units, 32% (7,021 housing units) will be affordable. Affordable units are defined as being restricted to and priced for households earning up to 120% of the Area Median Income (AMI). Affordable rental projects typically serve low- or very low-income households (up to 60% or 50% of AMI), while affordable homeownership units are designated for first-time low to moderate-income buyers earning between 80%-120% AMI.

This Annual Housing Production Report for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 provides a summary and status of OCII’s housing goals, and accomplishments from FY20-21 as of June 30, 2021, including the following:  
•    Housing construction completions 
•    Housing construction starts  
•    Housing funding activity
•    Affordable housing marketing outcomes including Certificate of Preference results
•    Small Business Enterprise and Workforce results
•    An appendix with additional housing project details

Housing Completions and Stats

In FY20-21, 468 housing units were completed, and 218 housing units started construction as shown in Table 1.  

Housing Funding Activity

One of OCII’s key tools in delivering affordable housing is the ability to secure funding through public financing and make direct loans to affordable housing developers. In FY20-21, the OCII Commission approved three predevelopment loans, for a total of $10.65 million in loans as shown in Table 2.  

The sources of funding for OCII’s affordable housing include taxable housing bonds authorized under Redevelopment Dissolution law, “pay-go” tax increment, and developer fees such as jobs-housing linkage fees.

Table 1: Housing Completions and Stats

Project Area Total Housing Completions Total Housing Starts
Hunters Point Shipyard Phase I 0 77
Hunters Point Shipyard Phase II/ Candlestick Point 0 0
Mission Bay North 0 0
Mission Bay South 152 141
Transbay 315 0
TOTAL 468 218

Table 2: Housing Funding Activity

Project Area Project Name Affordable Units Type of Funding Amount Funded
Hunters Point Shipyard Phase I Block 52/54 112 Predevelopment Assigned $3,650,000
Transbay Block 2 East 101 Predevelopment $3,500,000
Transbay Block 2 West 153 Predevelopment $3,500,000
TOTAL   366   $10,650,000