Mission Bay North

Mission Bay is a public-private partnership that has allowed for the transformation of the formerly-underutilized Southern Pacific  railyards and surrounding properties into a new San Francisco neighborhood. The Mission Bay North Redevelopment Plan and the Mission Bay South Redevelopment Plan (the “Mission Bay Plans”), and their accompanying documents, were approved in November 1998. Mission Bay North is located between Townsend Street and the Mission Creek Channel and extends from 3rd Street to 7th Street. Mission Bay South extends from Mission Creek Channel to the north to Mariposa Street to the south, and from Interstate 280 to the west to the San Francisco Bay to the east.

Development in Mission Bay is controlled by the Mission Bay Plans, along with the Mission Bay North Design for Development document and the Mission Bay South Design for Development document, which lay out the development standards and guidelines for new buildings. Design review in Mission Bay follows the Design Review and Document Approval Procedures. The redevelopment of Mission Bay is also governed by the Mission Bay North Owner Participation Agreement and the Mission Bay South Owner Participation Agreement, both between the Redevelopment Agency of the City and County of San Francisco (now OCII) and the original master developer and property owner, Catellus Development Corporation (the agreements are now held by FOCIL-MB LLC), and, by the Mission Bay North Interagency Cooperation Agreement and the Mission Bay South Interagency Cooperation Agreement, in which City and County of San Francisco departments commit to implementing the Mission Bay North Infrastructure Plan and the Mission Bay South Infrastructure Plan.

Mission Bay North is a new, 65-acre, mixed-income, transit-oriented residential and retail district adjacent to and within the vicinity of the San Francisco Caltrain commuter rail station and two light rail lines. The development program for Mission Bay North is largely complete. It includes the land uses shown on the table below. Additional information on the status of each category is available by clicking the links below.

Total Housing

2,964 units

Affordable Housing

698 units

Parks and Open Space

6.5 acres

Library and Retail Space

200K square feet

For more information regarding this project area, contact Gretchen Heckman, Project Manager at Gretchen.Heckman@sfgov.org.

Mission Bay North Promenade
Mission Bay North Housing Development