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5A. Final workshop on the Long-Range Property Management Plan pursuant to Section 34191.5 of Assembly Bill 1484 ("Redevelopment Dissolution Law"). (Discussion)

    Workshop Memorandum (PDF)
        Attachment 1 (PDF)
        Attachment 2 (PDF)
        Attachment 3 (PDF)
        Attachment 4 (PDF)
        Attachment 5 (PDF)
        Attachment 6 (PDF)
        Attachment 7 (PDF)

Submission to the California Department of Finance of a Request for a Final and Conclusive Determination that Senate Bill No. 2113 (2000) established an Enforceable Obligation regarding the funding and development of affordable replacement housing units

    Informational Memorandum (PDF)
        Attachment 1 (PDF)
        Attachment 2 (PDF)
            Attachment 1 (PDF)
            Exhibit A (PDF)
            Exhibit B (PDF)
            Exhibit C (PDF)
            Exhibit D (PDF)
            Exhibit E (PDF)
            Exhibit F (PDF)
            Exhibit G Part 1 (PDF)
            Exhibit G Part 2 (PDF)
            Exhibit H (PDF)
            Exhibit I (PDF)

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