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5A Approval of the Successor Agency’s Long-Range Property Management Plan ("PMP") governing the disposition of real property under Redevelopment Dissolution Law. (Discussion and Action) (Resolution No. 12-2013)

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        Exhibit A Table of Contents
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        Exhibit A Tab 5A
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        Exhibit A Tab 5E
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        Exhibit A Tab 5H
        Exhibit A Tab 5I
        Exhibit A Tab 5J
        Exhibit A Tab 5K
        Exhibit A Tab 5L

5B Confirming Housing Assets transferred to the City and County of San Francisco as Housing Successor under California Health & Safety Code Section 34176. (Discussion and Action) (Resolution No. 13-2013)

    Memorandum and Attachment A
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5C Adopting environmental findings pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act, and authorizing a Ground Lease with Carroll Avenue Senior Homes, LP, a California Limited Partnership, for the development of 120 very low-income senior rental housing units plus one manager’s unit at 1751 Carroll Avenue (formerly known as 5800 Third Street, Lot 3-Assessor’s Block 5431A, Lot 42), consistent with the Long Range Property Management Plan. (Discussion and Action) (Resolution No. 14-2013)

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