Hunters Point Shipyard - Building 606

Building 606 HPS
Building 606 at the Hunters Point Shipyard

San Francisco Department of Public Health's Response to the San Francisco Chronicle 

Building 606 is safe for occupants.

  • Building 606 was built in 1989, long after the radiological activities at the Shipyard had concluded. Construction of Building 606 entailed the excavation of soil down to 5.5 feet below the building, placing of a foundation, and constructing a brand new building on top.
  • The Health Department’s industrial hygienists assigned to the Police Department received and followed up on employee concerns about health and safety that were typical of issues found in buildings that had been unoccupied, as Building 606 was for several years prior to Police taking occupancy. In every case, the building was found to be safe.
  • It is very important that the past and current occupants of Building 606 know that they were and are safe, and that there is no evidence of exposure to health hazards related to the Shipyard cleanup in that building. Because there is no exposure, there is no risk.

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Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Response to the San Francisco Chronicle
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