Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point

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The Hunters Point Shipyard ("Shipyard"), a former naval base, is a master-planned community of approximately 500 acres located along the southeastern waterfront of San Francisco. The Board of Supervisors originally adopted the Redevelopment Plan in 1997 and amended it in 2010 to provide for the integrated planning and development of the Shipyard and the Candlestick Point portion (approximately 280 acres) of the Bayview Hunters Point Redevelopment Project Area. The property is divided into Parcels A through G. Transfer of property after environmental remediation from the Navy to OCII, and in turn, redevelopment of the property, occurs in phases.

Pursuant to a 2003 agreement with OCII ("Phase 1"), Lennar (the Shipyard's master developer) is completing the infrastructure for the first phase of the Shipyard's redevelopment, which will ultimately include up to 1,600 homes, 27% to 40% of which will be affordable, and 26 acres of open space. The first residential units are anticipated to be available in 2014.

Lennar is also developing the remaining portion of the Shipyard development and also Candlestick Point area as one development project ("Phase 2"). The agreement for the Phase 2 development program provides for an additional 10,500 new housing units to be located on the Shipyard and Candlestick Point, 32% of which will affordable, including the rebuilding of the Alice Griffith public housing development consistent with the City's HOPE SF program. The Phase 2 plan also includes 3+ million square feet of research and development uses centered around "green" and clean technology uses on the Shipyard with a clean tech business incubator and the headquarters for the United Nations Global Compact Sustainability Center located in Building 813 on the Shipyard, over 300 acres of parks and open space between the two sites including a complete renovation of the Candlestick Point State Recreation area. In total, Phase 1 and Phase 2 will generate hundreds of new construction jobs each year, and ultimately will create more than 10,000 permanent jobs. To achieve this ambitious development plan, the City OCII have pledged all of the net available tax increment from the Phase 2 area for the public improvements in the area.

The City is working with the Navy and federal and environmental regulators to expedite cleanup and transfer of the Shipyard to allow the City to move forward with community benefits like parks, affordable housing and jobs for Bayview Hunters Point residents. There is an urgent need for the Navy to fulfill its obligations under the Conveyance Agreement and convey the remainder of the Shipyard parcels to the City as quickly as possible in a condition that is consistent with the City's reuse plans.

  1. Create jobs for economic vitality
  2. Support existing businesses and an artist's community
  3. Create an appropriate mix of new businesses
  4. Balance development and environmental conservation
  5. Facilitate appropriate immediate access
  6. Integrate land use
  7. Acknowledge history 

In March of 1999, the Redevelopment Agency Commission selected Lennar as the Master Developer of the Hunters Point Shipyard.

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