Continuing Disclosure Documents

Continuing Disclosure

A continuing disclosure certificate (or agreement) is the document that contains the detailed requirement for the issuer to provide ongoing disclosure filings through the life of the debt issue.

Those filings consist of annual reports incorporating details pertaining to items specific to the debt issue, and event notices, as required under SEC Rule 15c2-12, when specific events, such as  rating changes, occur. 

This page contains continuing secondary market disclosure, including the most recent continuing disclosure annual report.  

15c(212) Secondary Disclosures Filings 



Community Facilities Districts Disclosures

On July 25, 2016 Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill No. 1666, adding Section 53343.2 to the California Government Code.  The bill enhances the transparency of community facilities districts by requiring that certain reports be accessible on a local agency’s web site.  Pursuant to Section 53343.2, a local agency that has a website shall, within seven months after the last day of each fiscal year of the district, display prominently on its website the following information:

  • Annual Report
  • CDIAC Yearly Fiscal Status Report
  • SCO Financial Transactions Report

Annual Report

Section 53343.1 requires that a copy of an annual report, if requested, pursuant to Government Code Section 53343.1 be posted on a local agency’s website. The report, required by Section 53343.1 includes CFD budgetary information for the prior fiscal year and is only prepared by a CFD at the request of a person who resides in or owns property in the CFD.  If the annual report has not been requested to be prepared, then a posting to the website is not necessary.


  • No person who resides in or owns property in the community facilities district requested preparation of an annual report.

CDIAC Yearly Fiscal Status Report

Government Code Section 53359.5 requires local agencies to provide CDIAC with the following: (i) notice of proposed sale of bonds; (ii) annual reports on the fiscal status of bonded districts; (iii) notice of any failure to pay debt service on bonds, or of any draw on a reserve fund to pay debt service on bonds.


SCO Financial Transactions Report

Government Code Section 12463.2 requires that local agency’s provide to the State Controller’s Office the parcel tax portion of a local agency’s Financial Transaction Report that is prepared. 


  • CFD #1 – Available January 2020
  • CFD #4– Available January 2020
  • CFD #5– Available January 2020
  • CFD #6– Available January 2020
  • CFD #7– Available January 2020
  • CFD #8 – Available January 2020
  • CFD #9– Available January 2020